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prevention and treatment of cancer and cancer

Elixir «Leivrus Arctic+» is: onkoprotektor for the prevention and to protect against cancer, Correction of the immune status; natural antidepressant of new generation, does not cause side effects; biological product, which slows down the process of human aging; effective wound-healing agent. Elixir recommended for persons suffering from cancer, located on symptomatic treatment, or during preparation to radiation and chemotherapy, and   in the rehabilitation period after the procedure.

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Valeriy Valeryevich Zyuganov Author of Elixir Leivr Arctic+

Valeriy Zyuganov graduated from the Faculty of biology, Moscow State University in 1977. Since 1977 Valeriy Zyuganov is a researcher at the Koltzov institute of developmental biology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), where he continued to work until now. Since 1994, Valeriy Zyuganov is Doctor of Biological Sciences. Also, V. V. Zyuganov is known as an inventor of antineoplastic drugs «Elixir Arctic+» and an author of many publications in popular scientific literature about a human aging.

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Sertifitsikatsiya Arctic Plus Certification of products of the «Arctic»

Russian Patent of invention No 2324489
State Certificate No RU.Е.001645.10.10
Medical conclusionТ.002156.09.10
Elixir certified as BAD: the drug has a positive effect on the human body, maintaining the immune system, alleviates side effects resulting from the reception of the main chemotherapy drugs. Before using the  — Consult an expert!

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Laboratory of evolution and ecology biological systems «Society Conservation Margaritiferidae»

In the course of studying the problem of longevity scientists Laboratory evolution and ecology of biological systems – a unique elixir, based on   was designed and developed complex low molecular weight special properties of substances — extract из нестареющих Arctic hydrobionts. Preparations are for the prevention of cancer, kill cancer tumors rehabilitation of cancer patients, delay the aging process, extension of the reproductive period.

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Elixir Leivrus Arctic (Author Valeriy Zyuganov)
The author's method of treating cancer

The patent for the invention № 2324489 from 01.03.2006

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